Food @ MacKillop College


Online ordering has arrived! MacKillop College Canteen offers online ordering with the Qkr! app.

Students or parent/carers can place their order/s with the canteen using the app up to two weeks in advance.

Students or parent/carers must select which lunch break they are ordering for; Lunch 1 or Lunch 2. 

Please note that orders need to be completed prior to 8:30am, so that mobile phones are not in use during the school day as per the College guidelines.

If you have ordered for your student but your student does not attend that day please phone the canteen (6583 2632) to cancel your order.

To download the Qkr! app, follow these links on your Android phone or iPhone (iPad users can download iPhone app).


Daily Break Times

Lunch 1: 11:00am

Lunch 2: 1:35pm