As at January 2010, New South Wales endorsed a new school leaving age, meaning students are required complete Year 10 and then have a number of options in which to participate until at least age 17.

There is a great deal of Australian and international evidence which demonstrates a high correlation between students’ level of education and their prospects in life.  The research shows that early school leavers are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed, earn lower wages and have poorer quality of life outcomes.

The purpose of the new legislation, therefore, is to ensure that all young people have the best possible chances in life. 

Under the new arrangements, once students have completed Year 10 there are a number of options from which to choose: 

  • continue their educational pursuits through MacKillop College for a direct university pathway
  • applying to Newman Senior Technical College which offers vocational education
  • apply to other approved education or training organisations
  • employment, as long as it is full time, paid work
  • A combination of a number of these.

Students in Year 10 or below are recommended to consider the most appropriate pathway.  Students are encouraged to discuss options with parents, our Careers Advisor or their Leader of Pastoral Care.